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Co-Founder Kim is an advocate in ballet, pole dancing, aerial arts, traditional Wing Chun kung fu, fitness, health and motivation.

Kim graduated in Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing & Public Relations from the Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia in 2005. Kim has worked with Leo Burnett and Intertain Private Dining.

As a foodie, Kim finds joy indulging in her culinary journey through cafes and restaurants.



Monelle is a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. She is an IFBB Figure Competitor who undertakes powerlifting and is most passionate about sports nutrition. Her current clients include elite and Olympic athletes, but she also works with everyday clients and caters to the needs of each individual. Monelle practices what she preaches and is passionate about what she does.

Having tried many different nutrition programs over the years, she has discovered the most balanced and sustainable approach to achieving your ideal, healthy body.




Shimona is Spectablend’s customer service personnel and can assist you on all things related to warranty and questions on the company.

Trained in psychology, education, Shimona is also a musician, and enjoys reading self-improvement books, playing board games, travelling, and spending time with her cat and her husband whom she met on one of her travels to Japan. The cheerful Shimona believes in learning from our past experiences, whilst appreciating life to the fullest.

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