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Anna Meares, Track Cyclist (Australia’s Olympic Champion)

“As a sprinter I require muscle mass so I have a high protein diet,” she said.

“I keep carbs to before training sessions and limit them at night.”

Her strict diet also involves large hearty breakfasts with energy giving smoothies, smaller lunches and a light dinner with some form of protein before she goes to bed. And her advice for anyone wanting to get fit and healthy is that it should be a complete lifestyle change and not a fad.

“I have nights and times where I don’t feel like cooking, but there are healthy options like smoothies which are so easy,” she said.

More importantly a good diet means limiting the alcohol as well. In fact, the Spectablend ambassador is so strict on this she won’t drink alcohol for nine months leading up to a major event like the Olympics.

As featured on: News Limited / Herald Sun / Adelaide Now
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